NSF_Certification_Logo_4ColoursNSF Certification is the leading provider of independent assurance and certification services to the agriculture, produce and processing industries. They specialise in the delivery of individual and composite audits to a broad range of international, national, and client specific standards. These differing standards reflect evolving supply chain and consumer assurance, demands for product safety, legality and quality, and broader concerns about integrity, welfare, ethical and environmental issues. They have a unique perspective on the food supply chain and the ability to address a wide range of issues in a consistent and innovative way. They are the largest global certification provider in the food and farming sector, certifying over 70,000 clients annually. They have a global audit team with a first class professional reputation for technical knowledge and consistency across industry sectors. NSF Certification is accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditations Service (UKAS), enabling the provision of a broad range of accredited certification services for both product and management systems. www.nsf-foodeurope.com