Nancy Paola Chun Chun

Nancy Paola Chun Chun

Producer, 4 Pinos, Guatemala

A 29-year-old married mother of two daughters, Nancy Paola Chun Chun had only completed fourth grade when, in 2009, she decided to join the Grupo de Mujeres Provedoras de Vegetales de Sumpango (Women’s Vegetable Providers Group of Sumpango).
As a member of the Women’s Group, she started growing peas and green beans on a 1 manzana (0.7 hectares) leased field. She now farms 5 manzanas (3.5 hectares), of which she owns 0.7 manzanas (0.5 hectares). Thanks to the income from her ever-growing farm, Nancy has been able to purchase her own place to live, as well as a car.
While growing her farm, Nancy has also been increasing her education. Once she finished 6th grade, Nancy had the opportunity to join a diploma program on Gender Studies in the Latin-American School of Integral Education. She is in the second year of the program, but has already started developing workshops in “Kaq’chikel”, her mother tongue, to spread the word to other woman groups. Nancy has also enrolled in a computer course, where she is learning the basics about how to use a computer.
Nancy is active in local politics, currently holding positions as Secretary of the Local Board, as a Member of the Central Board, and as Secretary of the Administrative Board. She has also represented the Women Cooperative in different events and workshops, including at PMA Fresh Summit in New Orleans, USA in 2013.
Nancy is a producer and is proudly GLOBALG.A.P. Certified.

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Session Details

Speaker at: 4 Regions – 4 Stages – 4 Models of Success “Guatemala”
Date & Time: Monday, 27 October, 11 a.m.-1 p.m.
Location: Session Rooms 1-4

Panelist at: Parallel Session “Capacity Building”
Date & Time: Tuesday, 28 October, 2:30-4:30 p.m.
Location: Session Rooms 1&2

Session Description

Country Stage: Guatemala

A platform consisting of 4 stages, from 4 continents, where an expert group from a specific country demonstrates its success models and innovative solutions. The focus of each session’s presentation will be to show how each business model was designed to adapt to the specific market conditions and requirements. They demonstrate the varied solutions producer groups have developed to meet consumer and market demand for assured farm practices, and show how their producers have benefited from these efforts. The 45-minute presentations, which include a 15-min Q&A session, will be repeated a total of two times, giving delegates the opportunity to hop from one stage to the next and participate in all the sessions.

Parallel Session “Capacity Building”

How can capacity building for farmers be efficient, sustainable and scalable – what works, what doesn’t and how to avoid reinventing the wheel? How can capacity building be more targeted to women in agriculture?