Guy Stinglhamber

Guy Stinglhamber

General Delegate of COLEACP, Brussels, Belgium

Guy Stinglhamber, tropical agronomist (Tropical crops and Animal breeding/tech.Vet.) with 30 years of professional experience.
From the fields, as producer and exporter of fruit and vegetables, to the Economic Cooperation and International Trade Relations, Guy Stinglhamber was a “gaucho” in Argentina (1983), a small farmer (1984-1986), an exporter of plantains from 250 smallholders and the founder of a “national banana export scheme” in Costa Rica. He has worked during more than 20 years with donors (EC, WB…) facilitating trade, investments and SMEs’ development in Latin America and Africa.
Guy was involved, as an expert, in trade negotiations and impact studies of Free Trade Zone (Mexico, Chili, Central America, and Mercosur). After having managed several EC Programmes, he started to work with COLEACP in 2001 and has been Director of the PIP programme since 2004.
Today he is General Delegate of COLEACP, managing PIP2 and EDES programmes.

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Session Details

Moderator at: Small-Scale Farmers: The Backbone of Agriculture
Date & Time: Monday, 27 October, 9:05-10 a.m.
Location: Session Rooms 1-4

Session Description

The Conference kicks off with a breakfast session that is dedicated to small-scale growers, producer groups, and farmers in emerging countries.

Designed as a platform for producer groups around the globe to present their success models and innovative ideas, the main focus will be on mutual learning and information exchange. Feedback from the various sessions to take place will feed into the GLOBALG.A.P. Revision Process as valuable input. It will also serve as fuel for further debate in an online community for quality managers of producer groups. The goal is to find concrete technical solutions to create an online networking platform for all quality managers of producer groups worldwide to share their ideas, experience and expertise.

The session starts with a short introduction followed by two 25-min presentations highlighting current research status and on-site innovate solutions for working and supporting small-scale farmers.