Gary Jones

Gary Jones

Director Business Development – Pipfruit New Zealand Inc

Pipfruit New Zealand is the organization that manages the affairs of New Zealand’s Apple and Pear industry. New Zealand’s approach to growing apples is based on the principle of working with the biological ecosystems in its orchards. The result is a natural and sustainable system for growing apples where great science is applied collectively through all growers.
Sustainable market access is an area where the New Zealand apple industry excels. The New Zealand apple industry is able to meet the very high standards of the world’s top retailers while also meeting the regulatory requirements of over 70 countries. Key to New Zealand’s market access is a willingness to work with importing countries domestic apple industries in order to develop their capability. The philosophy behind this is to create enduring partnerships and move the relationship above just the trade transaction. Currently Gary is working on programs in India, China and Japan.
Gary has overseen the development and implementation of New Zealand’s Recognised Seasonal Employer scheme. Rated by the UN, ILO and World Bank as world’s best practice the program brings in 9000 workers from Pacific Island countries each year. These workers help do the seasonal roles and can work in New Zealand for up to 7 months returning each year to the same employer.

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The Future of GLOBALG.A.P.
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