Derk Oorburg

Derk Oorburg

Group Quality Manager, VION Food Group, The Netherlands

Derk Oorburg graduated as a veterinarian at Utrecht University, currently enrolled in the residency program of the European College of Veterinary Public Health, committee member of the Dutch Veterinary Public Health Association as part of the Royal Dutch Veterinary Society and chairman of the Technical Committee Livestock of GLOBALG.A.P.
Derk started his career in 2005 at VION Food Group being involved in Quality and Technical management. In this position he has been responsible for developing and implementing systems dealing with food safety, animal welfare and animal health. During these years in meat production one theme was clear as day to him; the only way we can improve in food production is to have an integrated chain approach with an important emphasis on Good Agricultural Practices.

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Session Details

Speaker at: Roundtable Session Livestock in Version 5
Date & Time: Monday, 27 October, 2-2:45 p.m., 3-3:45 p.m.
Location: Session Rooms 1-4

Speaker at: Breakout Session 1 “Livestock”
Date & Time: Wednesday, 29 October, 11:30-1 p.m.
Location: Session Rooms 1-4

Session Description

Livestock in Version 5
Sustainable production of livestock is getting increased consumer attention around the world. Issues include animal welfare in poultry production, biosecurity and the effects of reducing the use of antibiotics and medicines on food safety in livestock production, as well as changes proposed for the Livestock Standard Version 5.

Breakout Session Livestock
Implementing GLOBALG.A.P. Standards in Poultry Production in Brazil.