Bert Urlings

Bert Urlings

Corporate Director Quality Assurance, VION Food Group, The Netherlands

GLOBALG.A.P. Board Member - Supplier/Livestock Representative

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Session Details

Panelist at: The Future of GLOBALG.A.P.
Date & Time: Wednesday, 29 October, 9-10:30 a.m.
Location: Plenary/Mezzoon Ballroom

Moderator at: Breakout session Livestock
Date & Time: Wednesday, 29 October, 11.30-1 p.m.
Location: Breakout Room

Session Description

The Future of GLOBALG.A.P.:
Panel discussion with GLOBALG.A.P. Board and Keynote Speakers

Breakout session Livestock:
GLOBALG.A.P. Breakout sessions consist of an expert moderator and a panel of experts from all the relevant industry sectors, discussing the pressing issues facing the specific market and industry today. The rest of the day will be divided into two sets of breakout sessions, one before and one after lunch.