Annelot van Leeuwen

Annelot van Leeuwen

Programme Manager Fruit & Vegetables, Solidaridad, The Netherlands

Annelot van Leeuwen works as Programme Manager Fruit & Vegetables at Solidaridad in the Netherlands where she promotes sustainability throughout global fruit and vegetable supply chains, both fresh and processed foods.

She holds a degree in both Psychology and Development Economics and has held diverse positions from job consultant to analyst of macro-economic forecasts for development finance institutions.

During the past two years at Solidaridad, Annelot has successfully initiated a number of projects to promote sustainability and food security of farmers and their households in various parts of the world such as Ethiopia, Kenya, India, Brazil, Ecuador and Peru. She partners with various chain partners including producers, traders, retailers and food companies as well as government institutions and financial donors.

She is currently committed to develop a self-assessment tool for orange farmers in Brazil and to start a project in more sustainable and decrowned pineapples from Ghana and Costa Rica.

Annelot is passionate about contributing to a better world for all people and life in general.
Meet her at the GLOBALG.A.P. SUMMIT 2014 or email her at

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Session Details

Speaker at: Roundtable Session Sustainability in Crops Production
Date & Time: Monday, 27 October, 4-4:45 p.m., 5-5:45 p.m.
Location: Session Rooms 1-4

Session Description

Sustainability in Crops Production

The Sustainability in Crop Production SHC is focused on the environmental sustainability aspects of Good Agricultural Practices  in crops certification.  The SHC willl present finidings from its first stage of work, which explored strategic opportunities to expand GLOBALG.A.P.’s coverage of environmental sustainability through IFA and Add-ons.

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