Angela Filotico

Angela Filotico

Global Service Responsible for GLOBALG.A.P. and Agricultural Sector, DNV GL – Business Assurance, Italy

Angela Filotico is Italian and lives in Lecce, Apulia. Her educational background includes a Master of Science in Agriculture from the University of Florence. She completed her academic studies at the UCD, University of California Davis, where she worked on a research project for her final thesis on Arboriculture.
She has worked in the area of food primary production for the last 25 years, with application on research, production and quality management and training. For the last 15 years she has also been specifically involved in the food industry with special focus on food safety and quality control in processing of agricultural products.

Angela joined DNV GL in 2002 as lead auditor and trainer in different GFSI Food safety schemes. Her position is of GLOBALG.A.P. Scheme Manager and Global Service Responsible for global schemes related to agricultural production certification.

Angela contributes to several technical committees and she is a member of the GLOBALG.A.P. Certification Body Committee where she held the role of Chairperson from 2008 till 2014.

Angela strongly believes that quality, safety and sustainability in the food primary production is a major must and the cornerstone of where all food supply chains stand.

DNV GL – Business Assurance
Driven by our purpose of safeguarding life, property and the environment, DNV GL enables organizations to advance the safety and sustainability of their business. DNV GL is a leading provider of classification, certification, verification and training services. With our origins stretching back to 1864, our reach today is global. Operating in more than 100 countries, our 16,000 professionals are dedicated to helping our customers make the world safer, smarter and greener.

As a world-leading certification body, DNV GL helps businesses assure the performance of their organizations, products, people, facilities and supply chains through certification, verification, assessment, and training services. We also deliver deep insight and pragmatic support to major companies enabling them to build effective sustainability strategies. Partnering with our customers, we build sustainable business performance and create stakeholder trust.

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Session Details

Speaker at: Breakout Session Aquaculture
Date & Time: Wednesday, 29 October, 11:30-1 p.m.
Location: Session Rooms 1&2

Session Description

The Breakout sessions consist of an expert moderator and a panel of experts from all the relevant industry sectors, discussing the pressing issues facing the specific market and industry today. The rest of the day will be divided into two sets of breakout sessions, one before and one after lunch.

Presentation: “Certification demand on the aquaculture sector”