Mpule Kwelagobe presents: The Story of African Agriculture / The Year of Agriculture and Food


Jericho in Africa

Six women and three men take land to feed their children

One day I like to be a farmer

The passion of a young African woman in agriculture

Make yourself unique

Kobela, a young owner of a modern 1 hectare African farm, wants to serve as a role model

Mrs Nguomi will mentor me!

On her smallholder conservation farm in Kenya with biogas production

We stand together and build the nation

Hungry women started an agricultural cooperative

Women in Kenya, do more in farming!


An Eye-opening Experience

Why Mpule is optimistic that Africa will feed Africa

Meeting simple, yet most stringent standards

Small scale farmers in Africa from practice to market

Miss Universe (1999) on a Farm in Africa

Behind the Scenes - Funny scenes from Mpule Kwelagobe`s trip to african smallholder farms in South Africa and Kenya. Astonishment, respect and hilarious laughter.

Growing Carrots Took Me Through School

Why Francis became a trainer for smallholder farmers and an “Agricultural Activist” - Great Rift Valley, Kenya, Africa: This is the story of African Agriculture - The journey of a boy from a small village to become a trainer for smallholder farmers