Day One - 27 October 2014

Small-Scale Farmer Breakfast Session

Introduction: Morag Webb, Policy Advisor, COLECAP, Belgium – Download (PDF 930kb)
Presentation: Derek BakerProfessor of Agribusiness and Value Chains, University of New England, Australia – Download (PDF 1.6MB)

4 Regions – 4 Stages – 4 Models of Success

Country Stage 1: Guatemala – Download (PDF 3MB – English) and (PDF 2.8MB – Espanõl)
Country Stage 2: Madagascar – Download (PDF 5.1MB)
Country Stage 3: Spain – Download (PDF 5.9MB)
Country Stage 4: United Arab Emirates – Download (PDF 3.9MB)

Roundtable Sessions

Roundtable: Microbial Risk in Fruit & Vegetables – Download (PDF 4.2 MB)
Roundtable: Sustainability in Crops – Download (PDF 1.8MB)
Roundtable: Flowers & Ornamentals Standard in IFA V5 – Download (PDF 3.9MB)
Roundtable: Aquaculture Standard in IFA V5 – Download (PDF 5.7MB)
Roundtable: Livestock  Standard in IFA V5 – Download (PDF 1.8MB)
Roundtable: GLOBALG.A.P. Group Certification – Download (PDF 3.2MB)
Roundtable: Water Management  in IFA V5 – Download (PDF 1.8MB)
Roundtable: Chain of Custody V5 – Download (PDF 5MB)
Roundtable: GRASP – Download (PDF 3.3MB)
Day Two - 28 October 2014

The Role of Good Agricultural Practices in Supporting Food Security for Future Generations

Introduction: Mpule K. Kwelagobe, Chief Executive Officer, MPULE Institute for Endogenous Development, USA – Download (PDF 5.3MB)
Presentation: Hans Juergen Matern, Head of Corporate Sustainability & Regulatory Affairs Food/Non Food, METRO AG, Germany – Download (PDF 920kb)

Breakout Sessions

Session 2: IT, Transparency & Marketing Access

Session 3: The Role of Performance Metrics in Evaluating G.A.P. Impacts

Session 4: Capacity Building

Day Three - 29 October 2014

NTWG Award 2014

Presentation: NTWG Award 2014 Winner – NTWG Argentina – Download (PDF 4.3MB)

Breakout Sessions

Breakout Session: Crops

Breakout Session: Aquaculture

Breakout Session: Livestock

Breakout Session: localg.a.p.

Breakout Session: GRASP

Breakout Session: Chain of Custody

Closing Session

Prof. Franz Josef Radermacher (Dr. h.c.), Faculty position in “Data Bases/Artificial Intelligence, University of Ulm, Germany & Director, FAW/n (Research Institute for Applied Knowledge Processing/n), Germany

The following file contains additional materials kindly provided by Prof. Radermacher – Download (3.8MB – ZIP)